Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I am listening to a dharma talk given by Tara Brach.  She tells a story of a young man who, after a heart transplant, begins to use new words, crave new foods, and listen to new music.  He even dreams of a crash.  He is lost in the hospital, trying to find the chapel, late to meet the wife of the man who gave him this heart, this new life.   The wife knows that her husband's heart is near, and so she waits 30 minutes past the meeting time, and will keep waiting until the young man arives.  She is a physician and usually has a scientific skepticism, but she is absolutely certain that her husbands heart is in the hospital and on the way.   And so she waits, and the young man gets to meet the woman who married his new hears when it was in another man's chest.  The young man learns that his new cravings are the cravings of her husband, and the wife learns that her husband's love and passion is still very much alive.

I had to pause.
The overwhelming word was this:  (to me, but I share with you)
"If you are not loving the experience of being alive, stop what you are doing, and move in the direction of your bliss!  There is absolutely nothing worth losing the love of life for!"

I was potting plant clippings, taking time to reconnect with mud, taking time to get out of my head and into my hands.

And then this story knocked me right into the absolutely stunning space of surrender.  Out of the head, into the bliss.

Oh, my lovely friends, what makes you come alive?  What makes you live?

I love you.


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